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Hari is available for consultations, readings, keynotes, workshops, lectures, and panels. They are also happy to attend book club meetings or visit schools—either in person or virtually.


Ziyad-Black Boy Out of Time-Final Cover.

“Racebaitr editor-in-chief Ziyad merges astute sociopolitical analysis with soul-baring honesty in their striking debut memoir…with its candidness and sharp prose that doggedly links the personal to the political, Ziyad’s tale is engrossing and necessary.”


Publishers Weekly

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  • The Power & Limitations of Representation: A thought-provoking presentation that will challenge your perception of visibility and its relationship with shared humanity. We will delve into the complexities of campaigns that derive their power from visibility, such as the fight for marriage equality, and question whether they truly benefit those who are not seen as fully human. We will explore how these campaigns often reinforce existing power structures, favoring the privileged, white, male, cisgender, and affluent groups, while neglecting pressing concerns faced by marginalized communities.

    This presentation will challenge us to think critically about the impact of visibility campaigns and explore alternative approaches towards achieving true equality and justice for all.


  • Grieving on Purpose: A transformative experience providing a safe and supportive space to explore the complex emotions of grief and loss. Grief is an inevitable part of the human experience, but we can learn to approach it with intention and purpose. In this lecture, we will offer practical strategies to manage the intense emotions that come with loss and empower attendees to navigate the grieving process in a healthy and healing way. We will delve into topics such as the stages of grief, coping mechanisms, and building resilience in times of loss. Additionally, we will explore how grief can be experienced differently across cultures, communities, and individuals. Through group discussions, guided meditations, and reflective exercises, we will create a supportive community of people who are experiencing similar emotions and navigating similar journeys.

    Whether you are currently experiencing grief or want to better understand how to support a loved one through their grieving process, "Grieving on Purpose" offers a unique opportunity for learning, healing, and personal growth.

    wth and development.

  • ​Breaking into Media and Publishing: Community-tailored workshop series for writers who want to develop their skills fiction, creative nonfiction, or screenwriting. This series is not only an opportunity to refine your craft but also to navigate the predominantly white entertainment world. Through this series, we will explore various topics such as the Fundamentals of Pitchin, How to Maintain the Integrity of your Experience While Never Neglecting your Creativity, and much more. This program is perfect for both emerging and seasoned writers who are passionate about developing their storytelling abilities.

    Consisting of group discussions, writing exercises, and individual assignments, it is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share your experiences, and gain valuable feedback to take your writing to the next level.

  • Prison/Police Abolition in Action: A thought-provoking talk/workshop that will challenge your perceptions of the prison and police systems and explore the concept of abolition. This presentation will delve into why prison and police abolition is essential, and how we can practically implement abolition on an everyday basis. We will also explore alternative ways to provide safety, examining how the current systems perpetuate harm and injustice. The talk will provide a space for critical reflection, discussion, and learning, challenging us to think beyond the current systems and envision a world where safety and justice are achieved through alternative means.

    Join us as we explore the power of abolition and imagine a world free from systemic oppression and violence.

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